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Party Planning 101: Selecting the Ideal Balloon Garland Size

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Balloons are an essential part of any celebration. They instantly add a pop of colour and fun to any space and are versatile decorations that can easily fit any theme or occasion. Creating a balloon garland is one of the most trendy ways to incorporate balloons into your party décor. However, choosing the right size for your balloon garland can be a daunting task. In this article, we will guide you through selecting the perfect balloon garland size for your party, ensuring that it looks amazing and fits seamlessly into your event space.

1. Determine the Purpose and Location of Your Balloon Garland

Before you can decide on the size of your balloon garland, it’s essential to determine its purpose and where it will be placed at your party. Will it serve as a backdrop for your dessert table or photo booth, or will it be used to frame a doorway or entrance? Knowing the intended location and use for your balloon garland will guide you in deciding on the appropriate size.

2. Measure Your Space

Once you know where your balloon garland will be placed, it’s time to measure the space. Use a tape measure to determine the length and height of the area you want the garland to cover. Remember that you may need to leave some extra space on either side of the garland to secure it to the wall or other structures. Make sure to write down your measurements, as you will need them when selecting the right size garland.

3. Consider the Scale of Your Event

The size of your balloon garland should also be proportionate to the scale of your event. A smaller balloon garland may be more appropriate for smaller, more intimate gatherings. However, if you are hosting a large event or celebration, a larger, more impressive balloon garland may be necessary to make an impact.

4. Choose Your Balloon Sizes

Balloon garlands are typically made up of a combination of different-sized balloons. When selecting the size of your garland, consider the sizes of balloons you would like to use. Choose various sizes ranging from 5-inch to 36-inch balloons for a more visually interesting and textured look. Using a mix of sizes will create depth and dimension in your garland, making it more visually appealing.

5. Factor in Your Budget

As with any party decoration, it’s important to consider your budget when choosing the size of your balloon garland. Larger garlands will require more balloons, which can increase the overall cost. Be sure to factor in the cost of balloons and any additional supplies needed to create your garlands, such as fishing lines, balloon pumps, or adhesive hooks.

6. Ask Someone at the Balloon Store

If you’re still unsure about the best size for your balloon garland, consulting with a balloon professional at your local balloon store is always a good idea. They can provide expert advice on the appropriate size for your space and event and help you select the right combination of balloon sizes and colours.


Choosing the perfect balloon garland size for your party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By considering the purpose and location of your garland, measuring your space, factoring in the scale of your event and your budget, and consulting with a professional at your local balloon store, you can create a stunning balloon garland that will elevate your party décor to the next level. So add that touch of whimsy and fun to your celebration with a beautifully crafted balloon garland that perfectly complements your party’s theme and space.

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