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Let’s Dive into These Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

under the sea party

When organising a birthday party for your best mate or relative, selecting a suitable theme can significantly impact the gathering’s success. The preference can set the tone for the entire celebration and make the birthday celebrant extra special. It also makes the party more fun and planning more manageable, providing a framework for decorations, activities, and cake.

One of the best choices you can pick for your celebrant is hosting an under-the-sea-themed birthday party. This theme lets guests’ imaginations run wild as they dive into an underwater wonderland. It also works best if the celebrant has a water zodiac sign or grew up loving the ocean. 

If you’re ready to plan a memorable celebration for everyone, this article will enumerate some must-try under-the-sea-themed decor and game ideas. 

4 Sea Birthday Party Ideas 

We understand that planning a birthday party for the celebrant can be challenging, especially if you should buy the supplies from an online store. Fortunately, we compiled our best picks for the best sea decor ideas. 

1. Ocean-Themed Backdrop 

An unforgettable under-the-sea birthday party begins with a stunning ocean-inspired background. You can bring the underwater world to the celebrant using materials like foil curtains, tissue paper streamers, fishnets, rope, and balloons. Also, you can tailor the backdrop to suit the theme so your guests can enjoy taking pictures in front of this unique and remarkable backdrop.

2. Sandcastle Centrepiece

You can make a DIY centrepiece for your under-the-sea birthday party using a mould, glue, paint, seashells, and sand. Besides being easy to create, it’s a sure way to impress your guests. You can also make them as party favours.

3. Blue and Green Birthday Balloon Arch

Get a balloon pump or hire experts to create an underwater-themed balloon arch for your party. Use blue, teal, green, and aqua balloons, add a birthday banner, and have the cake-cutting ceremony under the arch to enhance the ambience.

4. Giant Underwater Animals

Add cute inflatable or cutout sea creatures like sharks, whales, starfish, and turtles to your party decor to create a fun and colourful atmosphere. Suspend jellyfish from the ceiling or decorate the walls with tropical fish. Also, use toy sea animals in tablescapes or as photo props.

4 Fun Party Games and Activities to Try

Once you’ve purchased your party supplies online to create the decors, you can determine what games your guests can play. After all, it’s not a celebration without fun activities. Here are some must-try games and activities for your incoming under-the-sea-themed birthday party. 

1. Under-the-Sea Treasure Hunt 

Besides being ideal for pirate-themed birthday parties, a treasure hunt can be a perfect addition to an under-the-sea-themed party. Create a scavenger hunt that takes guests on a journey through the ocean, with clues and challenges to uncover a treasure chest filled with goodies. Also, ensure the activities are age-appropriate for guests.

2. Sand Art Station 

Set up a sand art station at your under-the-sea-themed party, where guests can create unique keepsakes using coloured sand, seashells, and toy sea creatures. Provide ocean-themed jars for them to use, and the creations can also be memorable party favours. 

3. Sandcastle Contest

Have a sandbox party where guests can build sandcastles. Although it’s fun for kids, it can also be messy, so do it outside or use alternatives like kinetic sand or printables.

4. Pond Fishing Game 

Make a homemade fishing game using magnets, paper clips, and craft materials. Have guests compete to catch the most fish or award points for different sea creatures caught. Also, don’t forget to get the birthday celebrant involved in creating the game and shopping for online party supplies.


Under-the-sea-themed birthday parties are famous for being the perfect pick for celebrants who emotionally connect with the ocean. You can create a memorable celebration by getting the essentials from a reputable online party supply store and hosting age-appropriate games.

If you need online party supplies in Sydney, Australia, for an incoming under-the-sea-themed birthday party, visit Everything Party Supplies! Our vast inventory of party items and high-quality customer service help make event planning stress-free. Shop our products now!


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